written by Curtis Gillespie
(feature film)

Playing Through is a gentle drama and light comedy about fathers and sons set in a small Scottish village, based on the internationally published memoir of the same name. It’s the story of a young writer and his family who travel to a small Scottish village to live for a year. Curtis had previously attended the University of St. Andrews as a grad student, and had always dreamed of traveling to Scotland and playing golf with his father. Fifteen years later, while living in the picturesque village of Gullane with his wife and their two young daughters, Curtis meets an elderly gent, Jack, who reminds him of his late father. Playing golf with Jack and his crusty friend Archie, meeting the two old men’s acerbically witty wives and getting to know the eccentric characters around town, Curtis learns about friendship, and about what we lose and what we find to replace it. Presently in development.